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Transforming your kitchen space

IKEA kitchen installation Brunswick.

This is a task which requires a combination of an extensive range of key skills and hard-won experience. This is why residents turn to FKF to complete the project. Many also then go on to recommend our services to family, friends and work colleagues.

Why professional installation is a wise choice

Having chosen the style and colour palette and then made your flatpack purchases, it’s time to make use of expert local craftsmen. Those who try to undertake installation themselves so often find it to be a never-ending hassle, so much about precision, and so full of stress and frustrations. What should be a pleasure suddenly isn’t! Your home can seem permanently full of boxes and part-finished work. Not a pleasant environment in which to live!

Our highly-skilled professionals can swiftly transform so many boxes into the modern, traditional, or shaker kitchen you are eager to enjoy. Your IKEA kitchen installation Brunswick will be undertaken in a way that causes minimal disruption to your lifestyle and routines.

Kitchen Fitters Brunswick

Confident and professional installation services

Kitchen fitters Brunswick: our FKF team can start by ripping out your old kitchen, should this be a renovation project. We’ll also remove and dispose of all materials. Setting to work on your new kitchen installation, our first task will be to carefully unpack your flatpack purchases. Each piece will be thoroughly checked to ensure there are no product flaws.

During the installation, we will undertake a range of key actions. These can include

  • Working swiftly and carefully, ensuring a minimum of disruption
  • Carefully making any cuts to laminate or timber benchtops to ensure that perfect fit
  • Adding bulkheads, if included in your design
  • Installing both integrated and non-integrated appliances
  • Working with trusted professionals who undertake the electrical, lighting, and plumbing work 
  • Cleaning up thoroughly on completion, including the removal of all packaging

An important starting point

Many homeowners may want their initial measurements checked before starting their project. 

Our FKF team is able to check those you have already made. Our experienced professionals can also highlight, at this vital early stage, any potential problems regarding the design and installation.

Contacting FKF

Either call us or complete our enquiry form. We’ll take time to fully understand your requirements and then provide you with a quote for installation.