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Professional construction with minimal fuss

IKEA kitchen installation Malvern East. Many of this suburb’s residents know this can be a time-consuming and truly frustrating process. From the opening of the many boxes, to the installation of the finished kitchen, this is a huge task for those who have opted to undertake the work themselves. Time, better spent elsewhere, is taken up; some even use precious vacation time to undertake the task.

There’s a much simpler way!

Trusting the work to local expert craftsmen, such as our team here at Flatpack Kitchen Fitters, allows you to carry on with your daily life with the minimum of disruption. You’ll have carefully chosen the style, colour and finish you want, be it in a traditional, modern design. It makes sense to then turn to expert fitters to make the most of these expensive purchases.

Are you measuring up?

Before the actual IKEA kitchen installation Malvern East homeowners need measurements they can rely on to ensure the design will fit. Many would like their measurements double-checked. Our FKF team is ready to help – and to point out any possible design flaws and suggest alternatives.

Kitchen Fitters Malvern East

Flexible and professional work processes

Kitchen fitters Malvern East: choose FKF and you know we will undertake the work with minimal disruption to your lifestyle. Our team is highly experienced in these processes; our work is often recommended by clients to others.

Once you have tasked us with your installation, if necessary we will remove and organise skip disposal of your existing kitchen. For both disconnections and later connection work for your new kitchen, we can work and coordinate with the tradespeople you have chosen.

The next step

The next step is the unpacking of your purchases by our kitchen fitters. Malvern East homeowners appreciate the careful check we make for any flaws or faults in these.

Your cabinetry is assembled and carefully put in place. Both integrated and non-integrated appliances can be installed – ready for connection. We can then make precision cuts to laminate or timber benchtops, ensuring that perfect fit. Bulkheads can also be constructed if required. Finally, we arrange removal of all the boxes and packaging.

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