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Delivering a stunning new kitchen

IKEA kitchen installation Mornington Peninsula. Homeowners across this suburb appreciate that this is a task best undertaken by skilled and experienced professionals.

Those who try to transform a pile of flatpack boxes into a finished kitchen themselves will often testify to that. Unless the task is in the right hands, it can prove to be hugely time consuming, stress inducing, and seemingly never ending!

In the hands of our FKF team, an IKEA kitchen installation Mornington Peninsula residents have found, is swiftly and expertly completed, with as little disruption as possible. You are left simply to make the most of your stunning new IKEA kitchen. So many satisfied clients are kind enough to then recommend FKF to friends, family, and work colleagues.

Kitchen Fitters Mornington Peninsula

Your complete and professional installation

Kitchen fitters Mornington Peninsula: our Flatpack Kitchen Fitters team are happy to check your measurements and to highlight any possible installation difficulties in advance.


If your project is a renovation, rather than a new build, our team can also completely remove and dispose of your old kitchen. We can also coordinate with other trades for the vital disconnections as part of this process, minimising any hassle for you.

Key installation steps we follow

Once we have been asked to work as their new kitchen fitters, Mornington Peninsula homeowners appreciate the professionalism we show and the care we take

This starts with the first step. We carefully unpack your new flatpack kitchen and take the time to examine each element to make sure there are no production flaws or errors.


Our FKF team members work efficiently, aiming to cause as little disruption as possible. Any necessary cuts will be made to benchtops, to ensure that perfect fit. If part of your unique design, bulkheads can be built and installed. 

Our experts can install both integrated and non-integrated appliances, including sinks, ovens, cooktops, microwaves, range hoods, dishwashers and more. Your chosen tradespeople can then complete the necessary connections. 

Completing your kitchen installation

Our FKF team will also carry out a thorough clean-up and can take all the packaging and other materials with them, leaving a pristine new kitchen for you to enjoy.

Contacting Flatpack Kitchen Fitters

Simply give us a call or complete our enquiry form. Our quotes are always obligation-free.