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Turning quality cabinetry into your dream kitchen

Kaboodle kitchen installation delivers the kitchen you’ve longed for; turning your choices into a stunning reality. 

You may well have chosen either a modular off-the-shelf kitchen, or one that has been specifically crafted to meet your specific needs. You’ll know that this Australian family-owned company has a deserved reputation for quality cabinetry; with their own bespoke manufacturing facility. You’ll be pleased to have purchased a stunning kitchen that is within your budget.

Constructing your new kitchen

Some people are keen to undertake the construction of their new kitchen themselves.

Many regret this course of action as the process turns out to be much more time-consuming and stress-inducing than they imagined it to be. As the work also has to fit around the rest of their lives, or perhaps take up valuable holiday time, there can be considerable disruption over a substantial period of time.

Choosing a professional from our Flatpack Kitchen Fitters team means you can be confident that the work will be carried out

  • To the highest of professional standards
  • At an affordable and agreed cost
  • Over a fixed period of time

This is why many Melburnians have trusted FKF to complete their new Kaboodle kitchen installation and recommended our services to family and friends.

Kaboodle Kitchen Installation Melbourne

Swiftly and professionally installing your dream kitchen

Kaboodle kitchen installation Melbourne: many have found this to be a stressful and time-intensive process, if carried out by themselves. The work has to fit in with all the other aspects of their lives, and can even mean a period without a working kitchen. This isn’t a great scenario; so it’s no surprise that so many people, after making their dream flatpack kitchen purchase, look for expert help for the installation process. 


Flatpack Kitchen Fitters are highly experienced in any type of Kaboodle Kitchen installation. Melbourne homeowners, both in the city and suburbs, have been delighted with the results – and regularly recommend our services to family and friends. We remove the stress which is a part of undertaking such a complex work of construction. Our team is comprised of highly experienced kitchen fitters. This means that we can quickly appreciate how best to complete the installation. After careful planning, we set to work transforming the mountain of boxes into your new kitchen. We work swiftly and efficiently, and are committed to causing as little disruption to your life as possible. On completion, we tidy up thoroughly, and leave you to make the most of your stylish new Kaboodle Kitchen.

The actions our Flatpack Kitchen Fitters team can complete

From first step to last, our experts are passionate about providing the results you want. We work across the different aspects of such a unique project. In fact, we can offer professional guidance at an early stage. So, if you are not confident in your measurements, one of our team can check these for you. We can also highlight any potential design problems; ensuring a smooth installation process when it’s time.


You may be renovating your home, so your faithful old kitchen will need to be ripped out. This can be part of the work undertaken by FKF and we can organise disposal by skip of the existing kitchen. 


A vital first step in any Kaboodle kitchen installation, Melbourne residents appreciate, is to check that there are no product faults. Our team will check each piece before installing to ensure your kitchen is perfect. Then your choice of modular off-the-shelf or uniquely-created kitchen units and surfaces will be precision cut and skilfully installed to deliver the perfect fit your new kitchen demands. This can include the installation of bulkheads.

Finishing your installation

On completion, we undertake a thorough clean-up and can organise disposal of all packaging and offcuts.

Contacting our team

If you are ready for an obligation free quote for the installation of your new Kaboodle kitchen, you can complete our enquiry form or just give us a call. We’ll take time to fully understand your requirements and then offer a highly competitive quote for the work our quality craftsmen will undertake